Phil Dworsky

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Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of Escherichia coli was found to be attached to the cell membrane at about 20 points. This was determined by fractionation of X-irradiated cells with the M band (magnesium-Sarkosyl crystals) technique. The number of attachment points was computed from the relationship between the amount of DNA in M bands and the number of(More)
Nuclear bodies were isolated from Escherichia coli spheroplasts by two different lysis procedures. Their lipid and protein content and the superhelix density was measured. The preparations differed mainly in respect to the amount of the attached membrane material, which seems to be an essential factor in maintaining the stability of the nuclear bodies. The(More)
The envelope components of nuclear bodies which were obtained from Escherichia coli W7 by a mild lysis method were investigated. By using 2,6-diaminopimelic acid (DAP) as precursor which is incorporated only into peptidoglycan in this strain it was found that the particles contained about 14% of the murein layer of the cell. The percentage of(More)