Phil Curry

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This paper develops a model that jointly explains the frequent excess demand for performance events and the presence of anti-scalping laws. The explanation is based on the fact that the buyers of tickets are also an important input into the performance experience. If buyer wealth is negatively correlated with that particular buyer's suitability as an input,(More)
and comments from participants of the Micro Theory seminar of Rice University as well as an anonymous referee for suggesting improvements on the structure of this article. Abstract: Fixed-path methods (FPMs) were introduced to manage situations where several individuals jointly operate a single technology (see [4]). In the production context, they consist(More)
Sperm were obtained via electroejaculation from Domestic ferret, (Mustela putorius furo), Siberian ferret (M. eversmanni), Black-footed ferret (M. nigripes), and a hybrid between Siberian and Domestic, called the Fitch ferret (M. sp.). Comparisons of sperm were made by four different microscopy techniques to determine whether differences exist among(More)
We estimate the effects of real exchange rate movements on employment in US cities between 2003 and 2010. We explore the differences in the composition of local industries to construct city-specific changes in exchange rates and estimate their effects on local employment in manufacturing industries and in nonmanufacturing industries. Controlling for year(More)
Several producers decide to form a partnership, to which they contribute both capital and labor. We propose a group-strategyproof mechanism under which no single agent is tempted to secede from the partnership: the inverse marginal product proportions (or IMPP) mechanism. The IMPP mechanism combines aspects of common ownership with the requirement that(More)
This paper investigates the effects of hatred in two-player games. We model hate as " reverse-altruism " or a preference for low opponent payoffs, and derive implications for behavior in conflicts where players are motivated by hate. We use these results to illuminate several policy issues, both historical and contemporary: the strategy of non-violent(More)
We consider an n-person economy in which efficiency is independent of distribution but the cardinal properties of the agents' utility functions preclude transferable utility (a property we call " Almost TU "). We show that Almost TU is a necessary and sufficient condition for all agents to either benefit jointly or suffer jointly with any change in(More)
Ejaculated sperm from the domestic ferret (Mustela putorius furo) and the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) were compared for differences in morphological abnormalities and argentophilic protein distribution. Thawed domestic ferret sperm was also compared to fresh sperm to determine whether there were any effects on cell morphology due to(More)
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