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In one year a prospective survey in a large accident and emergency department identified 204 admissions of adults with severe hypoglycaemia, 200 in insulin-treated patients. Ninety-six had one admission while 34 others were admitted on 104 occasions. Of the 130 patients, 111 attended diabetic clinics in Nottingham, forming 9% of a known clinic population of(More)
Single doses of amitriptyline (50 mg) and zimelidine (100 mg) were administered orally to 4 young and 4 elderly healthy volunteers (aged 21--26 and 68--75 respectively) in a comparative study of the two drugs. Systolic time intervals, supine and standing blood pressure, salivary flow and indices of sedation were measured at regular intervals up to 6 hours(More)
It has been suggested that much effort expended in teaching diabetic diets is ineffective and wasteful. We have tested a different system by randomly allocating 75 newly diagnosed obese Type 2 diabetic patients to usual 'unstructured' clinic care or to group education by diabetes specialist nurses and a dietitian. Patients allocated to group education(More)
To investigate whether Vaqta may be used as a booster in subjects primed with Avaxim, 127 adults primed 6 months previously with Avaxim were randomised to receive either Vaqta or Avaxim as a booster. Prior to the booster all subjects were seropositive. Geometric mean antibody titres increased from 496 to 7262 mIU/mL 1 month after receiving Vaqta as a(More)
Most textbooks advise that newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetics be admitted to the hospital. Nevertheless, if they are not acutely ill, we start insulin treatment on an outpatient basis. We report herein the logistics, efficacy, and safety of our system. Over two years, 115 newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetics were seen in our hospital.(More)
AIMS To compare the net cost of a tight blood pressure control policy with an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (captopril) or beta blocker (atenolol) in patients with Type 2 diabetes. DESIGN A cost-effectiveness analysis based on outcomes and resources used in a randomized controlled trial and assumptions regarding the use of these therapies in a(More)
The immediate and residual response to single doses of oral diazepam 10 mg was measured in 11 young and 12 elderly healthy volunteers using postural sway, digit symbol substitution scores and subjective ratings. The effect on postural sway was markedly accentuated in the older volunteers, but the difference between groups in the effect on the other measures(More)
Biometrical genetical techniques have been applied to the analysis of certain anthropometric characters measured in 134 pairs of adult twins. After allowing for assortative mating it appears that there is a family environment (E2) component for variation in height larger than previously reported. "Fatness" traits - weight, ponderal index, and skinfold(More)
Fifty-eight of a consecutive series of 75 pregnancies in women with insulin-dependent diabetes went into the third trimester. Diabetes was managed by home blood glucose monitoring and women were not routinely admitted at any stage before delivery. The mean number of in-patient days before delivery was 15 for the whole series but has been reduced to 9 during(More)