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Yield of nanometer-scale devices is increasingly challenging due to the increasing contribution of systematic defects that are affected by the product design itself. While inline inspection has been the conventional tool used to detect and isolate significant yield limiting mechanisms, there is a need to augment this information with the analysis of(More)
Advances in technology are making it imperative to collect detailed structural IC fail data during manufacturing test to improve yield. However, there is currently no standard format for communicating and storing such structural fail data efficiently. This leads to ad-hoc tool-specific solutions, which do not offer interoperability required in a typical(More)
Skin cancer is rare in black patients. The clinical course and pathology of 58 cases are presented and reviewed. These include 38 squamous cell carcinomas, 13 malignant melanomas, and 7 basal cell carcinomas. Sixty-one percent of the squamous cell carcinomas developed in unexposed areas, with sunlight exposure apparently not being an important etiologic(More)
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