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Human-powered Search Engines: An Overview and Roundup
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The Advanced Internet Searcher's Handbook
The handbook offers help with such topics as: free text search engines index-based search engines multi/meta search engines resource or site-specific search engines searching the 'hidden' web findingExpand
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Search Engines: New Search Engines in 2006
Phil Bradley takes a look at some of the search engines that he noticed in 2006 and provides quick assessments. Expand
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Search Engines: Weblog Search Engines
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Search Engines: Is Google Building on Shaky Foundations?
Phil Bradley takes an in-depth look at Google and its competition and wonders if things are looking slightly worrying for the search giant.
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Teaching the Internet to Library Staff and Users: 11 Ready-to-run Workshops That Work
This handbook is designed to provide the means for staff developers to teach their staff to be Internet trainers. Expand
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Data, Data Everywhere
  • Phil Bradley
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  • 1 December 2014
Abstract This paper that is written by Phil Bradley is based on his keynote lecture, which he gave on 12 June 2014 at the BIALL Annual Conference. He considers the growth of information on theExpand
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What are weblogs
A weblog is a web site or page that is the product of (generally) an individual or non-commercial origin that uses a date-limited or diary format, and which is updated either daily or at least regularly with new information about a subject, range of subjects, or personal details. Expand
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Search Engines: The Google Backlash
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