Phil Barber

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This paper exploits an alternative adaptive parameter estimation and control approach for nonlinear systems. An auxiliary filter is developed to derive a representation of the parameter estimation error, which is combined with an adaptive law to guarantee the exponential convergence of the control error as well as the estimation error. The proposed method(More)
In this paper, we consider the optimal and robust communication scheduling of the static part of the automotive communication protocol FlexRay from the system dynamic and control viewpoint. In general, given a plant and a controller, we design a communication policy between ‘nodes’ (or ECUs) that minimizes the performance degradation(More)
—A novel observer-based parameter estimation algorithm with sliding mode term has been developed to estimate the road gradient and vehicle weight using only the vehicle's velocity and the driving torque from the engine. The estimation algorithm exploits all known terms in the system dynamics and a low pass filtered representation to derive an explicit(More)
Two memoryless adaptive observers are proposed for systems with unknown time-delays and nonlinearities, in which time-delays are not used in the observer. Using high order neural networks (HONN), the precise system model, the Lipschitz, linear-in-parameter or norm-bounded assumptions of nonlinear functions are not needed. A robust term based on the matching(More)