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consultant's report does not necessarily reflect the views of ADB or the Government concerned, and e Government cannot be held liable for its contents. (For project preparatory technical nce: All the views expressed herein may not be incorporated into the proposed project's design. PROLOGUE The world and nature are continually changing and the course of(More)
Introduction ICT can be used to support learning in many different ways in schools. This extends beyond individual pupils' use of learning software on a computer to include, among other things, interactive presentations using touch sensitive whiteboards, specialist devices like data loggers for the collection of data in science lessons, email based(More)
The mammalian liver contains steroid sensitive processes e.g. the production of alpha-2-globulin in the mouse (Roy et al., 1974) or the production of sex hormone binding globulin in the human (Anderson, 1974), but it is only recently that steroid hormone receptors have been identified in liver parenchyma. Bannister et al., 1985a) and glucocorticoid(More)
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