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A working paper in the INSEAD Working Paper Series is intended as a means whereby a faculty researcher's thoughts and findings may be communicated to interested readers. The paper should be considered preliminary in nature and may require revision. Abstract: I propose a theory aimed at advancing scholarly research in social entrepreneurship. By highlighting(More)
The relationship between day-to-day changes in asthma severity and combined exposures to community air pollutants and aeroallergens remains to be clearly defined. We examined the effects of outdoor air pollutants, fungi, and pollen on asthma. Twenty-two asthmatics ages 9-46 years were followed for 8 weeks (9 May-3 July 1994) in a semirural Southern(More)
BACKGROUND People with dementia may have adverse outcomes following periods of acute hospitalization. This study aimed to explore the effects of age upon hospitalization outcomes for patients with dementia in comparison to patients without dementia. METHODS Data extracted from the New South Wales Admitted Patient Care Database for people aged 50 years and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the cancer risk in children and adolescents following exposure to low dose ionising radiation from diagnostic computed tomography (CT) scans. DESIGN Population based, cohort, data linkage study in Australia. COHORT MEMBERS: 10.9 million people identified from Australian Medicare records, aged 0-19 years on 1 January 1985 or born(More)
Text retrieval systems are used to fetch documents from large text collections, using queries consisting of words and word sequences. A shortcoming of current systems is that word-sequence queries, also known as phrase queries, can be expensive to evaluate, particularly if they include common words. Another limitation is that some forms of querying are not(More)
Heterotrimeric G proteins are signal-transducing molecules activated by seven transmembrane domain receptors. In C. elegans, gpb-1 encodes the sole Gbeta subunit; therefore, its inactivation should affect all heterotrimeric G protein signaling. When maternal but no zygotic gpb-1 protein (GPB-1) is present, development proceeds until the first larval stage,(More)
The Staufen family consists of proteins that possess double-stranded RNA-binding domains (dsRBDs). Staufen proteins of Drosophila and mammals regulate mRNA localization, translation, and decay. We report analysis of Staufen in Caenorhabditis elegans, which we have designated STAU-1. We focus on its biochemical properties, mRNA targets, and possible role in(More)
PURPOSE To examine the structure, distribution and interrelationships of International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)-compatible items in Australia's national data collection about disability support services. METHOD Rasch analyses were carried out on 93,000 records relating to people aged 15 to 64 years, receiving disability(More)
BACKGROUND In Australia, many community service program data collections developed over the last decade, including several for aged care programs, contain a statistical linkage key (SLK) to enable derivation of client-level data. In addition, a common SLK is now used in many collections to facilitate the statistical examination of cross-program use. In(More)