Phil A. Pincus

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We perform Monte Carlo simulations of tau proteins bound to a cylinder that mimics a microtubule (MT), and then study them in solution. Tau protein binds to a highly anionic MT surface to stabilize the cylindrical structure of MT. The negatively charged tail domain floats away from the anionic MT surface while positively charged tau segments localize near(More)
Recent experiments (Gambin, Y., R. Lopez-Esparza, M. Reffay, E. Sierecki, N. S. Gov, M. Genest, R. S. Hodes, and W. Urbach. 2006. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 103:2098-2102) have called into question the applicability of the Saffman-Delbrück diffusivity for proteins embedded in the lipid bilayers. We present a simple argument to account for this observation(More)
Using both theoretical modeling and computer simulations we study a model system for DNA interactions in the vicinity of charged membranes. We focus on the polarization of the mobile charges in the membranes due to the nearby charged rods (DNA) and the resulting screening of their fields and inter-rod interactions. We find, both within a Debye-Hückel model(More)
Influence of strain and oxygen vacancies on the magnetoelectric properties of multiferroic bismuth ferrite, " Phys.Cross-linked poly(styrene)-block-poly(2-vinylpyridine) thin films as swellable templates for mesostructured silica and titania," "Template cross-linking effects on morphologies of swellable block copolymer and mesostructured silica thin films,"(More)
Phase behavior and coacervation of aqueous poly(acrylic acid)-poly(allylamine) solutions, " Phase behavior of complementary multiply hydrogen bonded end-functional polymer blends, " Versatile approach to high-throughput microarrays using thiol-ene Click chemistry, " Nature Chemistry 2, 138 (2010) Promotion of osteoblast proliferation on complex(More)
Dramatic morphology control in the fabrication of porous polymer films, " Adv. Polymers with multiple hydrogen-bonded end groups and their blends, " Macromolecules 41, 4694 (2008) on nonplanar substrates: Flexible honeycomb films from a range of self-assembling star copolymers, " Langmuir 24, 556 (2008) " Field-directed and confined molecular assembly of(More)
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