Phil A. Graniero

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In the context of hazard monitoring, using sensor web technology to monitor anddetect hazardous conditions in near-real-time can result in large amounts of spatial data thatcan be used to drive analysis at an instrumented site. These data can be used for decisionmaking and problem solving, however as with any analysis problem the success ofanalyzing hazard(More)
The use of subsurface data for problem solving is limited in part by the freedom the user has in their choice of data structures. If a user is allowed to work with the data in a familiar way, they can spend more time performing analysis tasks and less time restructuring data, thus increasing productivity and reducing the risks associated with a series of(More)
ion of the conceptual model-data model-data structure chain, abstraction of locations within the world, and abstraction of the boundary topology are very powerful from the standpoint of model development. However, the presence of multiple levels of abstraction, the potential for heterogeneous data sources, and a variable policy for coordinate transformation(More)
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