Philémon Mansinsa

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Abstract. Because human and animal cases of African trypanosomiasis have been reported in and around the city of Kinshasa for a long time, the likelihood of local transmission was examined. A georeferenced image of the city was produced, based on a satellite image (SPOT 4). Urban, peri-urban and rural areas were delineated. All recent data on captures of(More)
The Malanga sleeping sickness focus of the Democratic Republic of Congo has shown an epidemic evolution of disease during the last century. However, following case detection and treatment, the prevalence of the disease decreased considerably. No active survey has been undertaken in this focus for a couple of years. To understand the current epidemiological(More)
To characterize the potential transmission sites of sleeping sickness in Kinshasa, two entomologic surveys were carried out during the dry and the rainy seasons in rural and periurban areas of Kinshasa in 2005. About 610 pyramidal traps were set up, and 897 Glossina fuscipes quanzensis were captured. Environmental and biologic factors were reported, and(More)
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