Pheh-Ping Chang

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Lipid antigens trigger help from natural killer T cells (NKT cells) for B cells, and direct conjugation of lipid agonists to antigen profoundly augments antibody responses. Here we show that in vivo, NKT cells engaged in stable and prolonged cognate interactions with B cells and induced the formation of early germinal centers. Mouse and human NKT cells(More)
Overactivity of the germinal center (GC) pathway resulting from accumulation of follicular helper T (Tfh) cells causes autoimmunity, underscoring the need to understand the factors that control Tfh cell homeostasis. Here we have identifed posttranscriptional repression of interferon-γ (Ifng) mRNA as a mechanism to limit Tfh cell formation. By using the(More)
Antibody responses are classified according to whether B cells receive help from T cells--that is, whether they are thymus-dependent (TD) responses or thymus-independent (TI) responses. The latter can be elicited by microbial ligands (TI type 1) or by extensive crosslinking of the B cell antigen receptor (BCR; TI type 2). The hallmark of a TD response is(More)
Accumulation of T follicular helper (Tfh) cells and proinflammatory cytokines drive autoantibody-mediated diseases. The RNA-binding protein Roquin-1 (Rc3h1) represses the inducible costimulator ICOS and interferon-γ (IFN-γ) in T cells to prevent Tfh cell accumulation. Unlike Rc3h1(san) mice with a mutation in the ROQ domain of Roquin-1, mice lacking the(More)
CD25, the alpha subunit of the IL2 receptor, is a canonical marker of regulatory T cells (Treg) and hence has been implicated in immune suppression in cancer. However, CD25 is also required for optimal expansion and activity of effector T cells in peripheral tissues. Thus, we hypothesized that CD25, in addition to demarcating Tregs, might identify effector(More)
Tight regulation of virus-induced cytotoxic effector CD8(+) T cells is essential to prevent immunopathology. Naturally occurring effector CD8(+) T cells, with a KLRG1(hi) CD62L(lo) phenotype typical of short-lived effector CD8(+) T cells (SLECs), can be found in increased numbers in autoimmune-prone mice, most notably in mice homozygous for the san allele(More)
Natural killer T follicular helper (NKT(FH)) cell, a recently identified B-cell helper innate cell population, can be easily missed due to its low frequency and the fact that it only forms upon immunization or infection with glycolipid-containing antigens or microbes. Here, we describe our in-house optimized protocol to detect these mouse NKT(FH) cells by(More)
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