Phee-Kheng Cheah

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Washed muscle fibres and minced pork were subjected to high pressure treatment at 800 MPa for 20 min at 20 °C prior to storage at 4 °C. In both cases, high pressure treated samples oxidised more rapidly than the controls, as measured by 2-thiobarbituric (TBA) number. The rate of lipid oxidation of the high pressure treated samples was similar to that(More)
Application of pressures of 80-100 MPa for 20 min improved the colour stability, as measured by rate of metmyoglobin formation, of longissimus dorsi and psoas major beef muscles exposed to air 2 days post-slaughter. However, pressure treatment of these muscles at 7-20 days post-slaughter did not improve their colour stability. It is suggested that pressure(More)
Introduction: There have been numerous reports documenting the differences in outcomes after carbon monoxide poisoning between men and women. There are also several reports mentioning the differences in presentation and outcome of poisoning in adults and children. Case Series: We report two construction workers who had carbon monoxide poisoning while(More)
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