Phap Quang Trinh

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The pathogenicity and reproductive fitness of Pratylenchus coffeae and Radopholus arabocoffeae from Vietnam on coffee (Coffea arabica) seedlings cv. Catimor were evaluated in greenhouse experiments. The effect of initial population densities (Pi = 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 nematodes per cm3 soil) was studied for both species at different days(More)
BACKGROUND The genus Hoplolaimus Daday, 1905 belongs to the subfamily Hoplolaimine Filipiev, 1934 of family Hoplolaimidae Filipiev, 1934 (Krall 1990). Daday established this genus on a single female of H. tylenchiformis recovered from a mud hole on Banco Island, Paraguay in 1905 (Sher 1963​, Krall 1990). Hoplolaimus species are distributed worldwide and(More)
Coffee varieties with resistance for the plant-parasitic nematodes Pratylenchus coffeae and Radopholus arabocoffeae are limited in Vietnam. A selection of imported varieties and high yield varieties of Arabica coffee in Vietnam were evaluated for resistance to both plant-parasitic nematode species in Northern Vietnam. The same experiments were carried out(More)
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