Phanish Suryanarayana

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We present a real-space, non-periodic, finite-element formulation for Kohn–Sham density functional theory (KS-DFT). We transform the original variational problem into a local saddle-point problem, and show its well-posedness by proving the existence of minimizers. Further, we prove the convergence of finite-element approximations including numerical(More)
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Defects, though present in relatively minute concentrations, play a significant role in determining macroscopic properties. Even vacancies, the simplest and most common type of defect, are fundamental to phenomena like creep, spall and radiation ageing. This necessitates an accurate characterization of defects at physically relevant concentrations, which is(More)
We present the Clenshaw-Curtis Spectral Quadrature (SQ) method for real-space O(N) Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations. In this approach, all quantities of interest are expressed as bilinear forms or sums over bilinear forms, which are then approximated by spatially localized Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature rules. This technique is identically(More)