Phani Rohit Mullangi

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A time-evolving hierarchy (TEH) consists of multiple snapshots of the hierarchy (collection of one or more trees) as it evolves over time. It is often important to test reachability between a given pair of vertices in an arbitrary (possibly past) snapshot of the hierarchy. While interval-based indexing has been a popular strategy for reachability testing in(More)
Continuously Evolving Graphs (CEGs) are graphs whose connectivity constantly changes over time is uniquely important for many domains such as social networks, evolutionary genomics, communication networks etc. In many of these it is often important to keep track of connectivity among the nodes of interest as the underlying structure changes over time. While(More)
Delay tolerant networks (DTNs), which are wireless networks prone to long delays and frequent disruptions are increasingly becoming common. We are exploring the challenges involved in designing effective event notification framework on DTNs. This paper presents the design and evaluation of a delay-tolerant event notification framework called DATEM based on(More)
Continuously Evolving XML(CEXML) documents are important for representing constantly-changing information in a number of emerging domains such as software configuration management and geographical information systems. CEXML document consists of multiple versions of an XML document as it evolves over time. Evaluating XPath expressions in large CEXML(More)
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