Phan T Truong

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Nickel-containing superoxide dismutases (NiSODs) represent a novel approach to the detoxification of superoxide in biology and thus contribute to the biodiversity of mechanisms for the removal of reactive oxygen species (ROS). While Ni ions play critical roles in anaerobic microbial redox (hydrogenases and CO dehydrogenase/acetyl coenzyme A synthase), they(More)
Ni-containing superoxide dismutase (NiSOD) represents an unusual member of the SOD family due to the presence of oxygen-sensitive Ni-SCys bonds at its active site. Reported in this account is the synthesis and properties of the NiII complex of the N3S2 ligand [N3S2Me2]3- ([N3S2Me2]3- = deprotonated form of(More)
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