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Towards (Probabilistic) Argumentation for Jury-based Dispute Resolution
We propose an argumentation framework for modelling jury-based dispute resolution where the dispute parties present their arguments before a judge and a jury. While the judge as the arbiter of lawExpand
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Towards a Common Framework for Dialectical Proof Procedures in Abstract Argumentation
We present a common framework for dialectical proof procedures for computing credulous, grounded, ideal and sceptical preferred semantics of abstract argumentation. The framework is based on theExpand
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Closure and Consistency In Logic-Associated Argumentation
Properties like logical closure and consistency are important properties in any logical reasoning system. Caminada and Amgoud showed that not every logic-based argument system satisfies theseExpand
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Argument-Based Decision Making and Negotiation in E-Business: Contracting a Land Lease for a Computer Assembly Plant
We describe an extensive application of argument-based decision making and negotiation to a real-world scenario in which an investor agent and an estate manager agent negotiate to lease a land for aExpand
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Towards argumentation-based contract negotiation
We present an argumentation-based approach to contract negotiation amongst agents. Contracts are simply viewed as abstract transactions of items between a buyer agent and a seller agent,Expand
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A Unified Framework for Representation and Development of Dialectical Proof Procedures in Argumentation
We present an unified methodology for representation and development of dialectical proof procedures in abstract argumentation based on the notions of legal environments and dispute derivations. AExpand
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Inductive Defense for Sceptical Semantics of Extended Argumentation
An abstract argumentation framework may have many extensions. Which extension should be adopted as the semantics depends on the sceptical attitudes of the reasoners. Different degrees of scepticismExpand
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A Sound and Complete Dialectical Proof Procedure for Sceptical Preferred Argumentation
We present a dialectical proof procedure for computing skeptical preferred semantics in argumentation frameworks. The proof procedure is based on the dispute derivation introduced forExpand
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Trust Negotiation with Nonmonotonic Access Policies
We study the structure of nonmonotonic access policies for internet-based resources. We argue that such policies could be divided into two parts: the locally designed policies and imported policies.Expand
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Enhancing the employability of IT graduates in Vietnam
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to identify the key determinants of employability of information technology (IT) graduates in Vietnam and examines their impact on self-perceived employabilityExpand
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