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Antennas without phase center (AWPC) have been used for Direction-of-Arrival estimation. However, these structures, being symmetric, always face the whole-space ambiguity problem. This paper proposes a new asymmetric AWPC structure for DOA estimation that is able to resolve the ambiguity in the whole space. In addition, the structure is optimized in such a(More)
Recently, Compressive Sensing (CS) has been applied to array signal processing. In theory, Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) estimation based on CS recovery can work well in correlated environments. However, a large number of sensors (i.e., linear measurements) are still needed for CS recovery. To improve on this, we propose a new CS-based DOA estimation method(More)
Component-oriented techniques have been increasingly used in software engineering. They have been used to solve distributed computing problems. However, in automation world, these techniques have not been implemented to solve distributed control problems. This paper proposes a component-oriented architecture of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(More)
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