Pham Ngoc Son

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Several Vietnamese seaweed species have economic importance as food for humans, as industrial materials, as ingredients in traditional medicine, and as biofertilizers. The nutritional values of nine representative Vietnamese seaweed species were analyzed. In this report, all of the species studied are rich in proteins, lipids (especially polyunsaturated(More)
A cooperative cognitive radio scheme exploiting primary signals for energy harvesting is proposed. The relay sensor node denoted as the secondary transmitter (ST) harvests energy from the primary signal transmitted from the primary transmitter, and then uses it to transmit power superposed codes of the secrecy signal of the secondary network (SN) and of the(More)
There are about 15 species of Gracilaria reported in Vietnam. Of these, Gracilaria asiatica Zhang et Xia is being cultivated on a large scale in Northern Vietnam, which has a subtropical climate. During the rainy season, from May to October, the growth of G. asiatica is drastically reduced or even ceases due to very low salinity and high temperature.(More)