Pham Ngoc Son

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INTRODUCTION Several compositions of neutron filters have been installed at the channel No. 4 of the Dalat research reactor to produce quasi-monoenergetic neutron beams. However, this neutron facility has been proposed to enhance the quality of the experimental instruments, and to characterize the neutron spectrum parameters for new filtered neutron beams(More)
This paper considers physical-layer security protocols in multicast cognitive radio (CR) networks. In particular, we propose dual-hop cooperative decode-and-forward (DF) and randomize-and-forward (RF) schemes using partial relay selection method to enhance secrecy performance for secondary networks. In the DF protocol, the secondary relay would use same(More)
In this paper, a decode-and-forward type cooperative spectrum sharing scheme exploiting energy harvesting and power superposition coding is proposed. The secondary transmitter (ST) acting as a relay harvests energy in the first phase of every two phases from the radio frequency signal transmitted by the primary transmitter (PT) of the primary network (PN)(More)