Pham Huu Chanh

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The cardiovascular effects of the deproteinized blood extract were investigated in anaesthetized dogs: respiration, general metabolism and systemic haemodynamics were tested and the changes in these parameters after the administration of the drug were studied. At 2 ml kg-1 i.v., the deproteinized blood extract induced a transient drop in arterial blood(More)
Experiments were carried out on isolated rabbit hearts: PG biosynthesis was induced by administration into the coronary circulation of a single dose of arachidonic acid (100 micrograms) and the PGs synthesized and released in the heart effluent were detected by bioassays. Total flavonoids (TF) extracted from Ribes nigrum leaves and their 2 major components,(More)
Experiments were carried out on non-working isolated rabbit hearts perfused by Tyrode solution: the effects of Taurine introduced into the coronary circulation were studied on the biosynthesis of the anti-thromboxane synthetase factor ("FATS") and on the TXA2 and PGI2 synthetase activities of cardiac tissue. The effects of Taurine were simultaneously(More)
the representatives of this phylogenetically old snake family, P. reticulatus is characterized by relicts of the pelvic girdle and paired lungs. Fourteen snakes, born in the wild state, were randomized after one-year's adaptation in our laboratory, i.e. at an age of 18 months. Groups of 3 animals each (average body weight 1 kg) were subjected to lifelong(More)
The cardiovascular activity of 9-hydroxy-ellipticine (9-OH-E) has been studied on anaesthetized dogs. The drug has been administered intravenously in one dose ranging from 1 to 10 mg/kg. The variations in the myocardial contractility, the systemic haemodynamics, the respiration and the general metabolism of the anaesthetized dogs were studied to make(More)
A strain of genetically obese-hypertensive rats (SHR-fa/fa) was created by transferring the fatty/fa gene of hyperlipaemic obese non-inbred rats into the genome of an SHR inbred strain by five successive crossings of SHR-fa+ brother-sister matings. SHR-fa/fa rats were heavier than their SHR littermates. They showed a severe hypertension, their systolic(More)
A series of pyrazoline derivatives was synthetised and evaluated for toxicological and pharmacological effects; analgesic, hypnotic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and cardiovascular properties were screened. Tested compounds were found to have a low toxicity; one of them showed a good analgesic activity without side effects.
Prostaglandin E2 synthetase activity of the microsomal fraction from different parts of dog and rabbit heart was tested with 3H-arachidonic acid as substrate. PG E2 synthesized was separated and purified by TLC and determined by the radiometric method or by bioassay. In the experimental conditions adopted, it was shown that the heart tissue is endowed with(More)