Pham Hong Hanh

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This paper aims to advance in the knowledge of the economic impacts of ISO 50001 certification on firms’ performance. The study hypothesizes that ISO 50001 is associated with improvements in market value of firms. We employ, on one hand, event study methodology for a sample of 40 companies listed on different stock exchanges. On the other hand, we use(More)
In multi -agent systems based on softbots, communication architectures have significant influences on system performance as interaction and cooperation of softbots are carried out via agent communication. In this paper we propose a new communication architecture which is based on a round-table mechanism. Communication channels are preliminarily defined(More)
Needless to say, it is necessary to study the relative scales of the trade creation effect and the trade diversion effect to evaluate success of ASEAN trade integration and to determine whether or not the intra-bloc trade share is appropriate as an indicator of the progress of reducing intra-regional disparities in ASEAN. Therefore, this paper first uses(More)
This paper presents a new approach to solve the problem of job scheduling for parallel processing in heterogeneous systems. The optimization goals are: (i) minimum total execution time including communication costs and (ii) shortest response time for all jobs. We introduce a classification for the given scheduling problem by the heterogeneity of the(More)
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