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Currently several industries including like banking, finance, retail, insurance, publicity, database marketing, sales predict, etc are Data Mining tools for Customer Relationship Management. Leading banks are using Data Mining tools for customer segmentation and benefit, credit scoring and approval, predicting payment lapse, marketing, detecting illegal(More)
Over the years, few companies have given thought to efficient management of their main physical drivers for investment, namely: product variety, complexity, and reusability. This has resulted in unnecessary proliferation of design, development time and cost, and manufacturing costs. In light of an extremely competitive global market, many companies have(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of perceived service attributes in the development of overall customer satisfaction (OCS) and customer loyalty (CL) in a health-care setting. This paper also sheds light on the role of hospitalist physicians (HPs) and offers suggestions to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty. (More)
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