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In previous spectral analysis investigations, we demonstrated that the spontaneous activity of the alpha EEG is not stationary but rather shows cyclic alterations with a circa 1-min periodicity. Following the conclusion that a power increase in the alpha band implies a neuronal synchronization, and vice versa, an associated decrease of the EEG complexity(More)
The objective of this study is to assess effects of beta-blocker migraine prophylaxis on cortical excitability determined by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Phosphene and motor thresholds (PT, MT) were investigated in 29 patients with migraine, in 15 of them prior to and following preventive medication with metoprolol and in 14 patients without(More)
Brainstem-mediated antinociceptive inhibitory reflexes of the temporalis muscle were investigated in 82 patients (47 F, 35 M, mean age 28.3 years, SD 9.4) with acute posttraumatic headache (PH) following whiplash injury but without neurological deficits, bone injury of the cervical spine or a combined direct head trauma on average 5 days after the(More)
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