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A comparison of the buccal mucoadhesive performance of different polymeric films was carried out using texture analyzer TA-XT2i. A large range of putative polymers differing in their chemical nature, molecular structure as well as hydration status was used. The used polymeric films were classified in rank order of buccal mucoadhesive performance, namely(More)
Over the years, different formulation technologies intended for gastro retentive dosage delivery were investigated and patented. The aim of this study was to develop an innovative floating gastro retentive dosage form (GRDF). The developed technology induces a low-density dosage form containing high active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) concentration by(More)
Psoriasis is a common dermatosis that affects 3-5% of the European population. Current treatments offer considerable clinical benefits, but their use is limited due to tolerance problems. Recent years have seen the development of new treatments, used separately or in combination to improve the chronic lesions caused by this disease. T cells play an(More)
Radiation as well as mechanical treatments induced in drugs and excipients radicals, which can be studied by electron paramagnetic resonance. A special attention is pointed about the use of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) to bring the proof whether or not a drug has been irradiated or not. We also discuss of other methods (thermoluminescence (TL), gas(More)
The assessment of the in vitro disintegration profile of rapidly disintegrating tablets (RDT) is very important in the evaluation and the development of new formulations of this type. So far neither the US Pharmacopoeia nor the European Pharmacopoeia has defined a specific disintegration test for RDT; currently, it is only possible to refer to the tests on(More)
Viscoelastic properties of granules may be studied using stress relaxation. The effect of viscoelastic properties of different lubricants, namely magnesium stearate (Mgst), talc and precirol, on granule compaction properties was examined using texture analyzer TA-XT2i at low pressure. Normalized compact curves of stress relaxation have been discussed in(More)
The development of a loading method of a water-soluble drug using aqueous binding solution to produce microgranules that were then coated with an aqueous ethylcellulose dispersion to sustain drug release is described. The results, in terms of drug used, showed that besides the fluidized bed parameters, the amount of drug dissolved in the binder solution(More)
The demand for rapidly disintegrating tablets (RDT) has been growing during the last decade especially for elderly and children who have swallowing difficulties. The problem of certain RDT is their low physical resistance and high friability. This work describes a new approach to prepare RDT with sufficient mechanical integrity, involving the use of a(More)
To better understand the composite character of amino acids EPR spectra, the radiolysis and reactions which occurred after irradiation of amino acids, a comparative EPR study of a few simple amino acids has been made in order to identify qualitatively and quantitatively the different radiation-induced radicals in amino acid powders. A spin-trapping(More)
The overall objective of this study was to compare the rheological properties and tablet characteristics of two new varieties of celluloses (Vivacel 101 and 102), recently produced and commercialized, with the classical varieties of celluloses (Avicel and Elcema). The results showed no significant differences in the rheological properties of Vivacel and(More)