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Wirelesses Local Area Networks (WLANs) have become more prevalent and are widely deployed in many popular places like university campuses, cafés, airports, residences, etc. However, WLAN security is a very important but usually neglected issue. Focusing on three major types of typical wireless security standards: WEP, WPA and WPA2, we aim to explore(More)
Personalization is a difficult problem related to fields and applications ranging from information retrieval to multimedia content manipulation. Challenge is greater, when trying to combine traditional personalization techniques with novel knowledge representations like ontologies. This paper proposes a novel contextual knowledge modeling, based on(More)
Wireless LAN is one of the cost effective way to establish local networking as compared to wired network. Although the last decade has seen various sophisticated WLAN routers and devices, but few of them are actually found to be highly resilient against potential attacks on WLAN. Literatures also share evidence that such issues are yet unsolved and call for(More)
In this chapter, we present our approach to semantic image analysis. Ontologies are used to capture a domain's general, spatial and contextual knowledge and a genetic algorithm is applied to fulfil the final annotation. The employed domain knowledge considers high-level information in terms of the concepts of interest of the examined domain, contextual(More)
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