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OBJECTIVE To evaluate symptom experience related to side effects of immunosuppressive therapy in heart transplant recipients. METHODS This descriptive, cross-sectional study included 105 heart transplant recipients (90 men; 15 women) with a median age of 56 years. Maintenance immunosuppression consisted of triple therapy (cyclosporine, corticosteroids,(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the outcome of pregnancy in women after Fontan palliation and to assess the occurrence of infertility and menstrual cycle disorders. DESIGN AND PATIENTS Two congenital heart disease registries were used to investigate 38 female patients who had undergone Fontan palliation (aged 18-45 years): atriopulmonary anastomosis (n = 23),(More)
BACKGROUND Although noncompliance with immunosuppressive medication is recognized as a critical behavioral risk factor for late acute rejection episodes and graft loss after transplantation, little is known about the degree of subclinical cyclosporine noncompliance, its associated risk for acute late rejection episodes (>1 year after transplantation), and(More)
INTRODUCTION There is increasing evidence supporting the relationship between family support and patient outcomes. Therefore, involving families in the care of cardiovascular patients is expected to be beneficial for patients. The quality of the encounter with families highly depends on the attitudes of nurses towards the importance of families in patient(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac patients may experience problems with sexual activity as a result of their disease, medications or anxiety and nurses play an important role in sexual counselling. We studied the practice, responsibility and confidence of cardiac nurses in the sexual counselling of these patients. METHOD An adapted version of the nurses' survey of(More)
BACKGROUND The ESC guidelines recommend that an organised system of specialist heart failure (HF) care should be established to improve outcomes of HF patients. The aim of this study was therefore to identify the number and the content of HF management programmes in Europe. METHOD A two-phase descriptive study was conducted: an initial screening to(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the risks of complications during pregnancy in women with repaired and unrepaired atrial septal defects (ASDs) without associated complex cardiac lesions. DESIGN A retrospective multicentre study. SETTING Tertiary centres in the Netherlands and Belgium. POPULATION Women with ASD without associated complex cardiac lesions. (More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the risks of pregnancy complications in women with repaired and unrepaired isolated ventricular septal defect (VSD). DESIGN A retrospective multicentre study. SETTING Tertiary centres in the Netherlands and Belgium. METHODS Women were identified using two congenital heart disease registries. Eighty-eight women were identified who(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual problems are common amongst cardiac patients, and concerns may arise when resuming sexual activities after a cardiac event. Sexual counselling is therefore indispensible. Culture is an identified barrier to talking about sex, but research is lacking on whether and how culture influences nurses in providing sexual counselling. DESIGN This(More)