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The outcomes of 23 patients admitted to a medical intensive care unit for severe hyponatraemia (less than 120 mEq/l) associated with neurological disorders were reviewed. All patients had restricted water intake combined with a sodium intake adjusted to the natriuresis, and some received a loop diuretic. The mean correction rate during the first 48 hours(More)
Candida proliferate within the body of patients with deficient cellular immunity either by the haematogenous route or by adjacency. This condition is often found in hospital patients. It explains the increasing incidence of disseminated candidiasis. They are preferentially found in patients who have had complicated surgery, mostly of the gastrointestinal(More)
Sir: The pathogenesis of amniotic fluid embolism is not yet well established. We present here the first case of amniotic fluid embolism with pulmonary angiographic study. A 25-year-old woman was admitted for delivery by cesarian section at full term. It was a second uneventful pregnancy with a previous cesarian section. Surgery was performed under general(More)
To determine the outcome of stroke patients undergoing mechanical ventilation. Retrospective chart review and follow-up telephone interview. Medical ICU in a multidisciplinary university hospital. 199 stroke patients from 1984–1989 where the final diagnosis was stroke. All patients were admitted for the need of mechanical ventilation. Demographic(More)
Respiratory alkalosis, produced by mechanical ventilation, has been identified as a cause of hypoxemia, which improves when PaCO2 is normalized or increased. Moreover, moderate hypercapnia has been suggested for the treatment of acute respiratory failure (ARF) by the results observed in experimental animals. To correct the situation of hyperventilation one(More)
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