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Jakarta Bay in Indonesia and its offshore island chain, the Thousand Islands, are facing extreme pollution. Surfactants and diesel-borne compounds from sewage and bilge water discharges are common pollutants. However, knowledge of their effects on reef fish physiology is scarce. This study investigated combined and single effects of a) the water(More)
Introduction: The abundance of Cu in the Earth's mantle normalized to C1 and Mg is similar to the abundances of Ni and Co [1, 2]. This is surprising as Cu is much less siderophile [2] than Ni and Co. Although a lower bulk Earth abundance of Cu is expected because of its lower condensation temperature, this is not sufficient to compensate for the much lower(More)
Introduction: In Table 1 we have compiled the chemical compositions, including Ni and Co, of representative basalts from Earth, Moon, Mars and Vesta. The SiO 2 and MgO concentrations of all basalts cover only a small compositional range, suggesting a similar extent of fractionation. The Ni and Co contents increase with the radius of the planet, with very(More)
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