Ph. Guignard

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In this paper, we first identify the key requirements for the deployment of a 1-Gb/s ultra-broadband home area network (UBB-HAN). Second, we propose an architecture based on a transparent optical backbone feeding local access points. Third, we underline the role of the IEEE802.15.3c pre-standard to provide a suitable radio interface for the UBB-HAN and(More)
Optical fiber in-building networks carrying wired and wireless services can outperform CAT-5E networks regarding versatility and installation costs. POF-based point-to-point architectures are optimum for small buildings, and (optically routed) SMF-based bus architectures for larger buildings.
This paper describes broadband optical access networks evolutions including high speed home interfaces for fixed and mobile services. Technical challenges are also discussed, namely concerning optical extended budget, 10 Gbit/s interfaces as well as the impact of access evolutions on the metropolitan network.
In this paper a proposition for a flexible optical access network is presented. The general idea of a physical layer over an existing gigabit passive optical network (GPON) infrastructure is described, and three possible realizations are reported through laboratory experiments and computer simulations. Two algorithms for efficient bandwidth allocation in(More)
We propose mid and long term visions of optical Home Area Networks. The challenge is not only to increase the network capacity, but also to take into account the heterogeneity of the signals to be conveyed: Ethernet, RF TV and radio signals for wireless-end-connectivity. Two solutions are described: a mid term solution, based on an active star and centered(More)