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The inspection is mainly performed in contact with ultrasonic wedge transducers; However, the shape cannot fit the changing geometries of components (butt weld, nozzle, elbow). The variable thickness of the coupling layer, between the wedge and the local surface, leads to beam distortions and losses of sensitivity. Previous studies have shown that these two(More)
Ultrasonic examination of austenitic stainless steel components and welds takes an increasing place during the fabrication and the ”in service inspection” of power and petrochemical plants, where cost reduction and severe safety rules impose to use innovative NDT methods with increased efficiency and flexibility. As a consequence, the UT probes to be used(More)
Today, the vast majority of electron storage rings delivering synchrotron radiation for general user operation offer a dedicated infrared port. There is growing interest expressed by various scientific communities to exploit the mid-IR emission in microspectroscopy, as well as the far infrared (also called THz) range for spectroscopy. Compared with a(More)
We report the STM observation of single diarylethene derivatives (DD) embedded into alkylthiol self-assembled monolayers (SAM) on Au(111). Telegraph noise in the data shows that the molecular conductance oscillates between two states. Comparing our results to the ones obtained by other teams observing conductance flickering with systems in the same(More)
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