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A retrospective analysis of 201 patients with clinical Stage I or II endometrial carcinoma treated by combined surgery and radiation therapy from January 1976 to December 1992 is reported. The aim of the study was to determine predictors, if any, for distant recurrence. Twenty-eight patients (13.9%) in our series developed a recurrence. The most common(More)
Junctional epidermolysis bullosa with pyloric atresia (PA-JEB) is a highly lethal, inherited, autosomal recessive disease. Thus far, prenatal diagnosis of this syndrome was only realized on pregnancies at risk for recurrence. We report the case of a 26-year-old woman, first cousin to her husband, who had undergone amniocentesis for polyhydramnios. The(More)
This study defines the current modes of treatment of patients with uterine fibromas with a review of the literature. Progesterone treatments appear to be principally used in cases of minor functional symptomatology and we discuss recent studies of mifepristone. GnRH agonists are particularly effective in preoperative treatment for conservative surgery. The(More)
Postpartum urinary retention is an uncommon event that occurs in 0.7 to 0.9% of vaginal deliveries. An ignorance of this situation can lead to delayed diagnosis worsening the prognosis and to inadequate treatments. This complication is defined as the absence of spontaneous micturition within 6hours of vaginal delivery with a bladder volume above 400mL. The(More)
Two pregnant patients presented with Takayasu's disease predominating in the major branches of the aorta. There was no extention below the diaphragm and no complications. One of the patients had Still's disease which is a predominantly cutaneous form without chronic arthritis. Both pregnancies were uneventful excepting dysgravidia in one case. Two eutrophic(More)
BACKGROUND The traditional surgical treatment for operable breast carcinoma larger than 3 cm is mastectomy. To avoid mutilating surgery, the authors administered primary chemotherapy to 158 patients with operable nonmetastatic large breast carcinoma with a TNM classification of T2 greater than 3 cm and T3 with a lymph node status of N0-N1. Conservative(More)
The authors present a case of fibromatosis in the breast in a young nulliparous patient. These are rare tumours comparable to abdominal desmoid tumours. They are characterised by their ability to recur if spread locally, that is why they have to be widely removed. After having studied the anatomical and clinical characteristics as well as the biological(More)
CONTEXT The "Standards, Options and Recommendations" (SOR) project, started in 1993, is a collaboration between the Federation of the French Cancer Centres (FNCLCC), the 20 French Cancer Centres and specialists from French Public Universities, General Hospitals and Private Clinics. The main objective is the development of clinical practice guidelines to(More)
Three surgical approaches have been described for the treatment of women presenting an endometrial cancer. The aim of this study was to appreciate the current criteria that would offer guidelines for this choice. We reviewed the data available in the literature (search Medline). Only laparotomy and laparoscopy permit the carrying out of all the routine(More)
OBJECTIVE Laparoscopy allows hysterectomies after chemoradiation to be performed without opening the abdominal wall. We measured the costs and quality of life for locally advanced cervical cancer patients operated on via laparoscopy compared to laparotomy. STUDY DESIGN We conducted an observational prospective multicenter study on locally advanced(More)