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We perform an OPE analysis of the flavorless non-perturbative gluon propagator and the symmetric three-gluon vertex in the Landau gauge. The first subdominant operator is AμA μ which can condensate in the Landau gauge “vacuum” although being a non-gauge invariant operator. We neglect all higher dimension operators. Then the gluon propagator and the(More)
We present the results of a lattice QCD calculation of the average up-down and strange quark masses and of the light meson pseudoscalar decay constants with Nf = 2 dynamical fermions. The simulation is carried out at a single value of the lattice spacing with the twisted mass fermionic action at maximal twist, which guarantees automatic O(a)-improvement of(More)
We present the results of a quenched lattice QCD study of the coupling ĝ, in the static heavy quark limit. After combining this with our previous results obtained by using propagating heavy quarks with a mass around the physical charm quark, we are able to interpolate to the b-quark sector. Our results are ĝ∞ = 0.48±0.03±0.11, ĝb = 0.58 ± 0.06± 0.10, and(More)
We compute the flavorless running coupling constant of QCD from the three gluon vertex in the (regularisation independent) momentum subtraction renormalisation scheme. This is performed on the lattice with high statistics. The expected color dependence of the Green functions is verified. There are significant O(a2μ2) effects which can be consistently(More)
We study the asymptotic behavior of the ghost propagator in the quenched SU(3) lattice gauge theory with Wilson action. The study is performed on lattices with a physical volume fixed around 1.6 fm and different lattice spacings: 0.100 fm, 0.070 fm and 0.055 fm. We implement an efficient algorithm for computing the Faddeev-Popov operator on the lattice. We(More)
We present the results of a numerical calculation of the B → Kγ form factors. The results have been obtained by studying the relevant correlation functions at β = 6.0, on an 183 × 64 lattice, using the O(a)improved fermion action, in the quenched approximation. From the study of the matrix element 〈K|s̄σμνb|B〉 we have obtained the form factor T1(0) which(More)
We determine the three-loop coefficient of the beta function in the asymmetric momentum subtraction scheme in Landau gauge. This scheme is convenient for lattice studies of αs, the running coupling constant of QCD. We present high statistics lattice results for αs, compare with the three-loop running and extract the value of the flavorless Λ MS parameter :(More)
We study the infrared behaviour of the pure Yang-Mills correlators using relations that are well defined in the non-perturbative domain. These are the Slavnov-Taylor identity for three-gluon vertex and the Schwinger-Dyson equation for ghost propagator in the Landau gauge. We also use several inputs from lattice simulations. We show that lattice data are in(More)
This Letter reports on the first computation, from data obtained in lattice QCD with u, d, s, and c quarks in the sea, of the running strong coupling via the ghost-gluon coupling renormalized in the momentum-subtraction Taylor scheme. We provide readers with estimates of α(MS[over ¯])(m(τ)(2)) and α(MS[over ¯])(m(Z)(2)) in very good agreement with(More)