Ph. Blanchard

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A Markov chain analysis of a network generated by the matrix of lexical distances allows for representing complex relationships between different languages in a language family geometrically, in terms of distances and angles. The fully automated method for construction of language taxonomy is tested on a sample of fifty languages of the Indo-European(More)
We study epidemic threshold properties in a scale-free random graph model. We show via a branching process approximation that the divergence of the second moment of the degree distribution is equivalent to the absence of an epidemic threshold. We study further the relation between diameter and epidemic threshold. Absence of an epidemic threshold happens(More)
Recent advances in high energy QCD experiments probing the deconfinement transition from hadronic to coloured quark matter tend to confirm that perlocation of unbounded quarks could provide a signature of this phase transition. In the strong coupling limit the partition function of SU(2) pure gauge theory can be modeled by that of an infinite spin Ising(More)
The standard formalism of quantum theory is enhanced to allow for a definite meaning to the concepts of measurement and events. Within this approach one obtains not only Liouville equation that describes statistical ensembles but also a piecewise deterministic Markov process that can be used for a computer simulation of real time series of experiments on(More)
We review the resonance gas formalism of hadron thermodynamics and recall that an exponential increase of the resonance spectrum leads to a limiting temperature of hadronic matter. We then show that the number p(n) of ordered partitions of an integer n grows exponentially with n and satisfies the integer counterpart of the statistical bootstrap equation.(More)
5' -Deoxy-5' -S-isobutylthioadenosine (iBuS)5' Ado has been shown to be rapidly degraded to 5-deoxy-5-S-isobutylthioribose and adenine in procaryotes. In chick embryo fibroblasts there are two metabolic pathways for (iBuS)5' Ado degradation: (a) oxidative deamination into 5' -deoxy-5'-S-isobutylthioinosine (the main product) and (b) hydrolysis into(More)
A series of nucleosides (2-4) that derive from adenosine by chain extension at the 5'-end have been synthesized starting from the known phosphonate 7. The latter was first combined with 4-pentenal to give 8, which underwent chemical manipulations to provide triacetate 11, which was found suitable for the adenylation step. Further transformations, among them(More)