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Objective:Prevention would be the ideal public health strategy to face the current obesity epidemic. Adoption of healthy lifestyles during the first years of college or university could prevent the onset of weight gain associated with this period of acquired independence and eventually decrease the incidence of obesity.Design:Randomized-controlled trial(More)
Since 1979, 157 patients with T2, T3, or T4 cancer of the lower rectum have been treated by a short course of irradiation, 30 Gy within 12 days by cobalt 60 using 120° arc rotation on a sacral field, followed by a 2-month rest before surgery. The operative specimens were tumor-free in 13% of patients, Dukes' A in 40% of patients, Dukes' B in 22% of(More)
Intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT) is a multidisciplinary approach in which residual tumors or tumor beds are directly irradiated during a surgical procedure. To evaluate its efficacy we conducted since 1985 a prospective study including non metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma treated by surgery, IORT (15 Gy) and post-operative external beam(More)
Early T1 and small T2 low rectal cancers may be controlled by endocavitary irradiation using the 50 kV Philips machine. The ambulatory treatment performed in the out-patient department consists of 4 applications within 6 weeks. Iridium-192 implant performed under local anesthesia is useful in many cases to give a booster dose to the tumor bed. In a series(More)
Severe bleeding resulting from excessive fibrinolysis has been observed in patients with primary amyloidosis. The authors studied a patient with this hemostatic disorder before and during therapy with epsilon-aminocaproic acid. Excessive fibrinolysis was associated with depressed plasma concentrations of coagulation Factors XII, XI, high-molecular-weight(More)
B. Le Guen, P. Bérard, M. Gonin, C. Bailloeuil, M. Carles, B. Gibert 1Electricité De France Gaz De France, Service Central d'Appui à la Médecine du Travail (EDF-Gaz de France/ SCAMT), 22-28 rue Joubert 75009 Paris, France 2Institut de Protection et de Sûreté Nucléaire, DPHD, BP n° 6, F-92265 Fontenay aux Roses Cedex, France 3COGEMA PIERRELATTE, SMT, BP n°(More)
Although very little has been published on this subject, the American Heyer-Schulte Corporation has estimated at more than 13 000 the number of Angelchik prostheses inserted throughout the world since 1979. The prosthesis is a vulcanized silicone crescent which, when its two horns are brought closer together, forms a pneumatic ring around the abdominal(More)