Ph Allenbach

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Hydroelectric power plants are known for their ability to cover variations of the consumption in electrical power networks. In order to follow this changing demand, hydraulic machines are subject to off-design operation. In that case, the swirling flow leaving the runner of a Francis turbine may act under given conditions as an excitation source for the(More)
This paper presents a real-time extension, called SIMSEN-RT, of the simulation software SIMSEN. SIMSEN-RT allows carrying out hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations of power systems using hardware regulators. It can therefore be used to fine-tune regulator parameters or to test the regulator behavior in different operating conditions (emergency shutdown,(More)
At low flow rate operation, Francis turbines feature a cavitating vortex rope in the draft tube resulting from the swirling flow of the runner outlet. The unsteady pressure field related to the precession of the vortex rope induces plane wave propagating in the entire hydraulic system. The frequency of the vortex rope precession being comprised between 0.2(More)
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