Ph A Federspil

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The domain of the surgery robots is today in milling at bony structures. Since robots provide extreme precision and do not fatigue, they offer themselves their application in particular with lengthy and at the same time highly precise milling processes within the area of the lateral head base. For this reason a method was developed, which calculates a(More)
Excellent precision, miss of retiring, reproducibility are main characteristics of robots in the operating theatre. Because of these facts their use for surgery in the lateral scull base is of great interest. In recent experiments we determined process parameters for robot assisted reaming of a cochlea implant bed and for a mastoidectomy. These results(More)
Due to shortcomings of conventional hearing aid technology, such as unsatisfactory sound quality due to limited frequency range and undesired distortion, occlusion of the outer ear canal, and acoustic feedback with high amplification, but also psychological aspects of stigmatization, a significant of patients in need of hearing aids are actually not wearing(More)
A 57-year-old patient became totally deaf two days after receiving excessive doses of the aminoglycosidic antibiotic lividomycin parenterally for 14 days; she died four and a half months later. Her temporal bones were examined by microdissection, surface preparation, and serial sectioning of the modiolus. Loss of inner and outer cochlear hair cells was(More)
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