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A comparison of the spareseness (simplicity) norm criterion blind deconvolution methods of Cabrelli and Wiggins is made in order to ascertain relative performance for underwater acoustic transient source signal estimation, especially in the presence of noise. Both methods perform well at high signal-to-noise ratios, producing source estimates that are(More)
Higher order statistical blind deconvolution methods are implemented for use in removing multipath distortion from passively received underwater acoustic transient signals. Using single channel data and simulations, it is demonstrated that a fourth order method based on cumulant maximization can work well if the associated multipath Green's function is(More)
The Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) was performed twice after 8 h and after 4 h of night sleep in 15 healthy young subjects (mean age: 23 y). Seven subjects could be regarded as morning, 8 subjects as evening types. After 8 h of sleep significantly more evening types napped at 08.00 hours and at 12.00 hours. Evening types rated themselves more sleepy on(More)
  • Marek Jarnicki, Peter Kraków, Pflug
  • 2001
Let D, G ⊂ C be domains, let A ⊂ D, B ⊂ G be locally regular sets, and let X := (D × B) ∪ (A × G). Assume that A is a Borel set. Let M be a proper analytic subset of an open neighborhood of X. Then there exists a pure 1-dimensional analytic subset M of the envelope of holomorphy X of X such that any function separately holomorphic on X \ M extends to a(More)
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