Peymaneh Alizadeh Taheri

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PURPOSE This study reported the technical details and preliminary clinical outcomes of a new fascio-cutaneous transposition flap for the surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus. METHODS Fifty-two patients with pilonidal sinus were surgically treated. During the surgical procedure, an inferiorly pedicled, fascio-cutaneous flap with specific geometric(More)
Neonatal sepsis, a life-threatening condition, presents with non-specific clinical manifestations and needs immediate empirical antimicrobial therapy. Choosing an appropriate antibiotic regimen covering the most probable pathogens is an important issue. In this study we compared the effectiveness of ceftizoxime and amikacin in the treatment of neonatal(More)
S: PLENARY and PARALLEL SESSIONS mary tumor to preoperative CRT was not associated with improved survival. Tumor necrosis was, paradoxically, an independent negative prognostic factor and, similar to tumor differentiation, may be a marker for aggressive tumor biology. Median i survival L Necrosis absent (n=29) I 39 mos. Necrosis present(n=15) I 15 mos. t(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of five-day course of sunflower oil massage with moderate pressure on the weight gain and length of NICU stay in preterm infants. METHODS Forty-four healthy preterm infants with a corrected gestational age of 30-36 weeks at the time of the study, were randomly assigned to the study group(More)
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