Peyman Arebi

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Ad Hoc networks allow a set of wireless hosts to exchange information without any special infrastructure. One of the most important issues in wireless adhoc Network improves routing protocol process. Among the various factors which cause disorder in such a network and routing protocol process, broken links due to the lack of energy is the most important(More)
Recently, Grid Computing Systems have provided wide integrated use of resources. Grid computing systems provide the ability to share, select and aggregate distributed resources as computers, storage systems or other devices in an integrated way. Grid computing systems have solved many problems in science, engineering and commerce fields. In this paper we(More)
The quantum Turing machine (QTM) has been introduced by Deutsch as an abstract model of quantum computation. In this paper we try to introduction the new transition function of a QTM can be used for any node configuration in the network. In this paper we introduce the fundamentals of NetQTM like a well-observed lemma and a completion lemma. The introduction(More)
increasing data volume in the database of organizations especially those that are multicluster and geographically extensive cause a lot of problems in data storage, retrieve and transmition. In addition, data integration related to database existed in different geographical positions is too risky with the respect of security and velocity of transaction(More)
Self-managing, meaning that it is selfprotecting,self-configuring, self-healing and self-optimizing inAutonomic Grid Networks need to be use of self-control butsometimes this node can't self-managing then other top of thisnode can be managing this node on the grid, therefore othernodes in the grid networks need to be have a method tomanaging other nodes, in(More)
Mobile ad hoc network is a temporary network that consists of a set of mobile nodes with wireless communication. There are several problems in the relationship between the components of these networks. Some of these problems are related to the routing problem. The main challenge in routing protocols of mobile ad hoc networks is links break phenomenon. This(More)
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