Peyman Akhavan

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During the last decade, intellectual capital (IC) and intangible assets have been widely considered as critical tool to deliver successful business in an intensive-knowledge environment. Accordingly, the main goal of this paper is therefore to develop and prioritize the most important indicators of intellectual capital in knowledge-based industries. Based(More)
This study provides an overview of the knowledge management literature from 1980 through 2014. We employ bibliometric and text mining analyses on a sample of 500 most cited articles to examine the impact of factors such as number of authors, references, pages, and keywords on the number of citations that they received. We also investigate major trends in(More)
Purpose – The most research of Knowledge Management merely pays attention to it’s relation with dimensions of the organizations especially contextual dimensions. The purpose of this work is to explore the contextual dimensions of organizations for finding the interactions between of these dimensions and Knowledge Management and to identify the critical(More)
This article aims to review and identify critical factors of the implementation of knowledge management systems (KMS) for Iranian IT based organizations and clarifying the effect of KMS in organization success. The study determines several important factors affecting the implications of the knowledge management systems such as Motivation among KMS’s users(More)
Knowledge management is a business model that embraces knowledge as an organizational asset to drive sustainable business advantage. Nowadays the leaders know that they are moving towards knowledge era very fast and they should align all activities in a way that knowledge management facilitates the competition in a better way. Developed countries also try(More)
This paper is to discuss the essential issues of knowledge management (KM), in order to explore knowledge management primary steps in some Iranian academic research centers (ARC). So, the critical success factors of knowledge management (KM-CSF) through some Iranian academic research centers have been identifies based on a comprehensive review of KM(More)