Pey-Shen Ho

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Tumor cells with different origins have different threshold to apoptosis. Hematopoietic (Jurkat, NCI-H929) cells and non-hematopoietic (A549, MCF-7) cells were received hyperbaric oxygen (HBO(2)) treatment from 2.5 to 3.5 atmosphere absolute (ATA) of 100% oxygen for 6h, and a significant percentage of apoptosis were shown only in hematopoietic Jurkat and(More)
The effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO(2)) therapy on the immune system are reported including potential changes to the CD4/CD8 ratio and a decreased proliferation of lymphocytes during exposure. The immunosuppressive effect of HBO(2) had been suggested to be applicable for the treatment of certain autoimmune diseases. (NZB x NZW) F1 hybrid mice, the unique(More)
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