Petteri Korhonen

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The demand for automatic quality inspection of individual micro components increases strongly in micro optoelectronics industry. In many cases, quality inspection of those micro components needs dexterous microhandling. However, automatic dexterous handling of micro components is a very challenging issue which is barely explored. This paper presents a(More)
This paper presents a novel 6 DOF (degree-of-freedom) piezoelectric micro gripping/handling system for automatic dexterous manipulation and inspection of microoptoelectronic components. The purpose of the system is to pick-and-place and align microparts having size of 300 to 400 mum square. The alignment task includes both translational alignment for(More)
This paper presents an automatic dextrous handling and inspection system for optoelectronics components using a novel 6 DOF microgripper. The control system includes three hierarchical layers: actuator control layer, motion planning layer, and mission layer. Visual servoing is applied in automatic manipulation. The performance of the system is demonstrated(More)
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