Petter Lundborg

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Preface This report constitutes an account of the project PINA Mortality Risk. The aim of the project has been to examine lay-people's perception of their own road-traffic and overall lmortality risk. The project is joint work between Henrik Andersson (VTI) and Summary Individuals' perception of their own road-traffic and overall mortality risks are(More)
Using data on Swedish adolescents, this study examines (1) perceptions of the addictiveness and mortality risk of smoking, (2) the effects of these perceptions on smoking behaviour, and (3) the role of various smoking risk information sources. The average respondent believed that 46 out of 100 smokers would die from diseases caused by their smoking. As to(More)
Cross-sectional survey data on Swedish adolescents aged 12-18 was used to estimate the link between individual social capital and smoking, illicit drug use and binge drinking. Major conclusions drawn were (1) that social capital, indicated by measures of social participation and trust, was negatively correlated with the probability of smoking and illicit(More)
We estimate the relationship between hourly wages and two aspects of body size: height and body mass index (BMI). We observe a height premium, with an additional 10 cm of height being associated with a 3 per cent increase in hourly wages for men. However, workers with higher BMI scores do not seem to earn lower wages. These results are largely unaffected by(More)
We study the effect of obesity on employment, using rich data from the British National Child Development Study (NCDS). The results show a significant negative association between obesity and employment even after controlling for a rich set of demographic, socioeconomic, environmental and behavioral variables. In order to account for the endogeneity of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of smoking on sick leave. METHODS Nationally representative data on 14,272 workers aged 16-65 years from the 1988-91 waves of the Swedish Survey of Living Conditions were used for the analyses. The data are linked to register-based data, on the annual number of absences due to sickness, from the National Board of Social(More)
  • Erik Grönqvist, Björn Öckert, Jonas Vlachos, Mikael Lindahl, Matthew Lindquist, Erik Lindqvist +4 others
  • 2010
We study the intergenerational transmission of cognitive and non-cognitive abilities between parents and sons using population-wide enlistment data. Conscripts are evaluated at the same age and with comparable methods across cohorts, and we correct for measurement error bias in fathers' ability measures by using their brothers' abilities as instruments. The(More)
Duisenberg school of finance is a collaboration of the Dutch financial sector and universities, with the ambition to support innovative research and offer top quality academic education in core areas of finance. Abstract We examine how the gender of a sibling affects earnings, education and family formation. Identification is complicated by parental(More)