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Background: Depression and other psychiatric disorders during pregnancy and postpartum is an important health problem, especially if the symptoms are recurrent or sustained. Methods: All Swedish speaking women attending their first antenatal care visit during three predestined weeks were invited to participate. Depressive symptoms were evaluated using the(More)
Comparisons of symptom ratings and health-related quality of life between significant others and patients have been the focus of numerous studies during the past decades. Additional studies are needed to assess the discrepancies identified in this work. In the present cross-sectional exploratory study, focus has been on evaluating the accuracy of(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate if personality profiles reflecting anxiety and social interaction of mothers who delivered by Cesarean section (CS) or by the vaginal route (VD) differed in early postpartum and to investigate whether these personality traits were correlated with hormonal data. Seventeen women delivered by emergency CS and 20(More)
BACKGROUND Although it is well known that musculoskeletal disorders are common among registered nurses, little longitudinal research has been conducted to examine this problem from nursing education to working life. OBJECTIVES The aim was to investigate the prevalence and incidence of neck/shoulder and back pain in nursing students in their final(More)
To investigate in more detail concordance between the recently developed Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale (CPRS) and the recently developed Self-Rating Scale for Affective Syndromes (CPRS-S-A), a total of 101 psychiatric out-patients were assessed using these procedures and a diagnostic interview according to DSM-III-R. Depressive and anxiety(More)
Performance on tasks tapping automatic and voluntary aspects of memory, attention, and motor speed was examined in 14 patients with major depressive disorder, before and after 3 weeks of treatment with clomipramine (150 mg/day), a potent serotonin and noradrenaline uptake blocker with anticholinergic side effects. Performance on tasks requiring frontal(More)
BACKGROUND Interventions that have a better than random chance of increasing nurses' use of research are important to the delivery of quality patient care. However, few reports exist of successful research utilization in nursing interventions. Systematic identification and evaluation of individual characteristics associated with and predicting research(More)
A sample of 215 suicide attempters was categorized in a cluster analysis into four groups according to temperamental trails. Monoamine metabolites in the cerebrospinal fluid were analysed (n = 106). Dexamethasone suppression tests (DST) were performed (n = 154) and the activity of the enzyme monoamine oxidase in platelets (pl-MAO) was assessed (n = 103).(More)
The aim was to extend recent findings of suggested temperamental features in attempted suicide and to explore possible domains of vulnerability to suicide risk after attempted suicide. Fifty-four psychiatric inpatients hospitalized after a suicide attempt underwent lumbar puncture for analysis of CSF 5-HIAA concentration and also completed the Karolinska(More)
BACKGROUND The capacity to provide evidence-based practice is one of five core competencies that it is proposed all healthcare professions should possess to meet the needs of the 21st century healthcare system. New nurses are faced with a challenging work environment which, combined with shortcomings in undergraduate education and their limited clinical(More)