Petter Andersson

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Habitat area is an important predictor of spatial variation in animal densities. However, the area often correlates with the quantity of resources within habitats, complicating our understanding of the factors shaping animal distributions. We addressed this problem by investigating densities of insect herbivores in habitat patches with a constant area but(More)
Effects of neighboring plants on herbivore damage to a focal plant (associational effects) have been documented in many systems and can lead to either increased or decreased herbivore attack. Mechanistic models that explain the observed variety of herbivore responses to local plant community composition have, however, been lacking. We present a model of(More)
Herbivorous insects are commonly faced with host plants being distributed in scattered patches across a landscape. Immigration rates into habitat patches may strongly depend on the sensory cues used in the patch location process, and immigration rates of insects can be predicted based on the scaling of sensory cues. Here, we tested recent estimates of the(More)
Herbivore insects use a variety of search cues during host finding and mate recognition, including visual, gustatory, and olfactory stimuli, leaving multiple traits for evolution to act upon. However, information about differences or similarities in search pattern amongst closely related insect herbivore species is still scarce. Here, we study the(More)
A manufacturing company’s unique intellectual capital is to a large extent built on experience from its own product development and manufacturing processes. Thus, methods and tools to utilize and benefit from this experience in an efficient way have an impact on a company’s ability to stay competitive and advance on the global market. Knowledge Based(More)
Plant patch structure and environmental context can influence the outcome of antagonistic and mutualistic plant–insect interactions, leading to spatially variable fitness effects for plants. We investigated the effects of herbivory and pollen limitation on plant reproductive performance in 28 patches of the self-compatible perennial herb Scrophularia nodosa(More)
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