Petroula Louka

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A comparison between numerical simulations and wind tunnel modelling has been performed to examine the variation with streamwise aspect ratio (width/height, W/H) of the mean flow patterns in a street canyon. For this purpose a two-dimensional (2-D) cavity was subjected to a thick turbulent boundary layer flow perpendicular to its principal axis. Five(More)
This paper studies the application of Kalman filtering as a post-processing method in numerical predictions of wind speed. Two limited-area atmospheric models have been employed, with different options/capabilities of horizontal resolution, to provide wind speed forecasts. The application of Kalman filter to these data leads to the elimination of any(More)
A new methodology is presented for the model estimation of an import–export pollution balance across country borders based on the classification of the synoptic scale atmospheric circulation. As an application, the transboundary transport of SO2 and NOx across the Greek borders is investigated for the year 1995. The annual total inflow–outflow fluxes were(More)
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