Petros Toumpaniaris

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The aim of this work is to estimate the volume of a random shape cavity using distance sensors which transmit on a surface of a sphere, where sensors are mounted in a normal distribution. It is based on a variant method of convex surface volume measurement using triangulation. The innovation in the present work is that the measurements of distances for(More)
Haemodynamic monitoring is necessary for the effective management of critically ill cardiac patients. Pulmonary artery catheterization has been used for monitoring the circulation, for measurement of intracardiac pressures and to estimate preload and afterload. However, pressures may not be accurate reflection of the circulation and simultaneous measurement(More)
Hemodynamic monitoring is the main component in intensive care unit (ICU). Patients in ICU are under hemodynamic instability and multi-organ failure for some hours or even some days. Volume – pressure relation constitutes the most reliable method for the estimation of central hemodynamic state and ventricular function. Therefore, the evaluation of(More)
The diagnosis and treatment of brain gliomas has still many weaknesses and is followed by a high mortality rate and very low life expectancy. Facing towards the tendency for a personalized diagnosis and therapy, any effort should be focused to the spatiotemporal growth of the tumor for the early prognosis and treatment of the gliomas. In the above context,(More)
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