Petros T Koidis

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There is limited knowledge concerning tooth and gingival display in the maxillary premolar area during smiling. The purpose of this study was to investigate maxillary premolar and associated gingival display during smiling, and to reveal possible differences related to gender and age. The study consisted of 90 males and 113 females (mean age 38 years, s.d.(More)
Dental rehabilitation treatment planning includes the qualitative evaluation of all available data (eg. Panoramic x-rays, periapical x-rays, models of dental arches, intra-oral photographs, periodontal and dental measurements, registrations of occlusal relationships etc.) and choice of the appropriate strategy. For this planning to be effective both(More)
Glass-ceramic scaffolds containing Mg have shown recently the potential to enhance the proliferation, differentiation, and biomineralization of stem cells in vitro, property that makes them promising candidates for dental tissue regeneration. An additional property of a scaffold aimed at dental tissue regeneration is to protect the regeneration process(More)
Orthodontic prosthetics is dealing with dental deformity problems that may occur in a variety of oral cavity diseases and is trying to fix the aesthetic behavior using appropriate surgical operations or therapies. Prerequisite to the proper surgery planning and the application of the optimal treatment is the correct documentation of the dental problem,(More)
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