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CloneCloud: elastic execution between mobile device and cloud
Mobile applications are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and provide ever richer functionality on mobile devices. At the same time, such devices often enjoy strong connectivity with more powerfulExpand
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Augmented Smartphone Applications Through Clone Cloud Execution
Smartphones enable a new, rich user experience in pervasive computing, but their hardware is still very limited in terms of computation, memory, and energy reserves, thus limiting potentialExpand
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Attested append-only memory: making adversaries stick to their word
Researchers have made great strides in improving the fault tolerance of both centralized and replicated systems against arbitrary (Byzantine) faults. However, there are hard limits to how much can beExpand
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Implementing declarative overlays
Overlay networks are used today in a variety of distributed systems ranging from file-sharing and storage systems to communication infrastructures. However, designing, building and adapting theseExpand
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Declarative networking: language, execution and optimization
The networking and distributed systems communities have recently explored a variety of new network architectures, both for application-level overlay networks, and as prototypes for a next-generationExpand
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The LOCKSS peer-to-peer digital preservation system
The LOCKSS project has developed and deployed in a world-wide test a peer-to-peer system for preserving access to journals and other archival information published on the Web. It consists of a largeExpand
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A fresh look at the reliability of long-term digital storage
Emerging Web services, such as email, photo sharing, and web site archives, must preserve large volumes of quickly accessible data indefinitely into the future. The costs of doing so often determineExpand
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The Architecture of PIER: an Internet-Scale Query Processor
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Prochlo: Strong Privacy for Analytics in the Crowd
The large-scale monitoring of computer users' software activities has become commonplace, e.g., for application telemetry, error reporting, or demographic profiling. This paper describes a principledExpand
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The Performance Cost of Shadow Stacks and Stack Canaries
Control flow defenses against ROP either use strict, expensive, but strong protection against redirected RET instructions with shadow stacks, or much faster but weaker protections without. In thisExpand
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